VOL. 12, NO. 1, 2011

Year Published: 


Editorial Comment, Margaret M. Towle, PhD, CPWA®

The Masters Series
Putting the Cards on the Table: A Talk with Edward O. Thorp, PhD

Recent Research
Frontier Markets: An Emerging Opportunity for Diversifying Risks and Returns, Joseph J. Wawrzaszek, Jr., CFA®, and Hemambara Vadlamudi
Viral Crises, Brian J. Jacobsen, PhD, CFA®, CFP®
Volatility and Asset Class Exposure Drive Hedge Fund Returns, Robert Brown, PhD, CFA®
Volatility as an Asset Class: The Potential of VIX as a Hedging Tool and the Shortcomings of VIX Exchange-Traded Notes, Clifford W. Stanton, CFA®

Behavioral Finance
Is It Fair: Perceptions of Fair Investment Behavior across Countries, Meir Statman, PhD

Risk Management
Downside Risk Management in Emerging Markets, Issam S. Strub, PhD, and Edward D. Baker

Article Reviews
Warning: Physics Envy May Be Hazardous to Your Wealth! by Andrew W. Lo and Mark T. Mueller
Adaptive Asset Allocation Policies by Willliam F. Sharpe

Guest Commentary, Edward D. Baker