VOL. 13, NO. 1, 2012

Year Published: 


Editorial Comment, Margaret M. Towle, PhD, CPWA®, Editor-in-Chief

The Masters Series
The Human Side of Decision Making: Thinking Things Through with Daniel Kahneman, PhD

Recent Research
What Matters in International Equity Diversification? | Chun-hung Chen, PhD, and Wenling Lin, PhD, FRM
Value Stocks and the Macro Cycle: Understanding the Value Cycle | David T. Owyong, PhD
Predictability and Hedge Fund Investing | Li Cai, PhD
Does the Stock Market’s Equity Risk Premium Respond to Consumer Confidence or Is It the Other Way Around? | Abdur Chowdhury, PhD, and Barry K. Mendelson, CIMA®

Risk Management
Measuring the Risk Impact of Social Screening | Patrick Geddes, MBA

Behavioral Finance
Questionnaires of Risk Tolerance, Regret, Overconfidence, and Other Investor Propensities | Carrie H. Pan, PhD, and Meir Statman, PhD

Article Reviews
Murder on the Orient Express by Charles D. Ellis
Regime Shifts: Implications for Dynamic Strategies by Mark Kritzman, Sébastien Page, and David Turkington