Ethics and Standards

IMCA sets the standards and practices for the investment and wealth management professions, and provides the credentials and tools required for advisors to best serve their clients. Our mission is to ensure quality service to the public by developing and encouraging high standards in these professions. As an organization, our role has been to broaden the public’s understanding of investment management consulting and to promote and protect the interests of the profession.

The IMCA Code of Professional Responsibility promotes and maintains the highest standard of personal and professional conduct in investment and wealth management. Adherence to the Code of Professional Responsibility is required of all IMCA members, CIMA® and CPWA® candidates, and IMCA-certified professionals.

Revised Code introduced in late 2015. IMCA revises the Code periodically to reflect the ongoing changes in the investment and private wealth advisory professions.  

IMCA Performance Reporting Standards were adopted in 1993. Those standards cover the collection and analysis and reporting of performance data to clients.

IMCA holds its Disciplinary Rules and Procedures in high regard—holding CIMA/CIMC designees and IMCA members to IMCA’s Standards of Excellence.

IMCA also provides guidelines regarding the acceptance of benefits from third parties as well as an antitrust statement. In 2005 IMCA engaged in an Ethics Think Tank with the Lawler Organization. Their full report, IMCA as a Community of Practice: Responses to Emerging Ethical Practices through Educational, Technological, and Organizational Enhancements can be viewed by clicking here