CIMA Core Topics

If you are a candidate for CIMA certification, the exams will test the major topic areas below. Please download and review the Candidate Handbook for a detailed content outline.

I. Governance

  • IMCA Code of Professional Responsibility and Standards of Practice
  • Regulatory Considerations

II. Fundamentals

  • Statistics and Methods
  • Applied Finance and Economics
  • Global Capital Markets History and Valuation

III. Portfolio Performance and Risk Measurements

  • Attributes of Risk
  • Risk Measurements
  • Performance Measurement and Attribution

IV. Traditional and Alternative Investments

  • Traditional Global Investments (Equity and Fixed Income)
  • Fixed-Income Vehicles
  • Foreign Exchange Market
  • Alternative Investment
  • Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives
  • Tools and Strategies Based on Technical Analysis

V. Portfolio Theory and Behavioral Finance

  • Portfolio Theories and Models
  • Behavioral Finance Theory

VI. Investment Consulting Process

  • Client Discovery
  • Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Portfolio Risk Management Strategies
  • Manager Search, Selection, and Monitoring
  • Perform Portfolio Review and Revisions Process