New Frequently Asked Questions

IMCA’s new website launched in October 2012, offering new benefits and additional online content. If you have a question that is not answered below, email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

What is different about IMCA’s website?

The new website offers personalized information, greater and easier access to IMCA’s content, and refreshed information, design, and navigation. Members and certificants may access a highlights dashboard of certification and membership detail by logging in at the top right corner of the homepage. (For full information about your renewal, certification, and continuing education status, go to the “My IMCA” pages.) Additionally, current IMCA members can read the latest issue and archives of Investments & Wealth Monitor and the Journal of Investment Consulting online. The site has a new look, better organization, and cleaner presentation of content, and users can access key information directly from the homepage or by using the improved search functionality.

Where do I check and report my continuing education credit?

Log in to My IMCA from any page at the top right corner of the screen. If you’re on the homepage, you will see a dashboard of personalized certification and/or membership detail. For full information about your certification or membership, including CE credit detail and reporting, proceed to My IMCA by clicking the "Access my Account" button within the dashboard or the "My IMCA" button on the top right-hand corner of the page to renew membership and certification, and to complete other transactions such as conference registration.

I saved the link to My IMCA as a favorite on my computer. Does this link change?

The link to My IMCA stays the same, and you also can log in to My IMCA at any time from the top right corner of any page on IMCA’s new website.

I used to search for Investments & Wealth Monitor and Journal of Investment Consulting articles in the IMCA store. Where do I find them now?

Use the website's general search function in the top right corner of the screen underneath the My IMCA log-in. Input the article name, author’s last name, publication, year, issue, or any other relevant search information. The upgraded search functionality will return articles with keywords you identify. You may also search on the Investments & Wealth Monitor archives page, or the Journal of Investment Consulting archives page. If you can’t find the article you’re looking for, contact Debbie Nochlin, Managing Editor, at [email protected].

Why did IMCA introduce a new website?

As membership consistently grows, IMCA recognized the need to upgrade its online presence and capability for members and certificants, and to provide streamlined content for all audiences. IMCA’s previous website was last updated in 2008 and was due for a refreshed look and new content.