Continuing Education

Legitimate certification programs require significant, ongoing education to ensure that individuals maintain necessary levels of knowledge and competency. All of IMCA’s certifications require ongoing education, and certificants must complete and report a minimum of 40 hours of continuing education (CE) credit (including two ethics hours) every two years to maintain the certification. For information about certification renewal fee and compliance disclosure requirements, click here to visit the CIMA renewal page.

The following options are available for earning and submitting CE credit toward IMCA’s certifications:

  • Through IMCA—The programming at IMCA conferences is accepted for CE credit and you can conveniently report your IMCA CE online at My IMCA. IMCA audio broadcasts and Investments & Wealth Monitor quizzes are automatically updated in your CE record upon successful completion.
  • Through IMCA-reviewed, pre-accepted programs—IMCA’s website lists a number of CE providers who have registered their programs with IMCA. You can contact the CE providers directly to find out which of their courses have been submitted to and pre-accepted by IMCA. You can also report CE online from pre-accepted programs by logging in to your My IMCA account. These CE submissions are subject to random audit.
  • Through industry programs not yet accepted by IMCA—You can complete and submit the CE Submittal Form along with required documentation to IMCA. Because these submissions are audited upon receipt, they must including the following documentation:
    • final agenda from CE provider with attended sessions marked (for conferences only)
    • program/session description(s) from CE provider
    • documentation of 50-minute-minimum session/program length from CE provider
    • proof of completion/attendance (attestation from CE provider, “thank you for attending” notification, sign-in sheet, certificate of completion or final attendee list). Registration confirmations, travel arrangements and ID badges are not accepted as proof of attendance