CE Provider

CE Providers

Continuing education (CE) providers help IMCA certificants meet the CE component of their certification renewal requirements.  Every two years, certificants must earn 40 CE hours, including two ethics hours. Accepted education programs delivered by registered CE providers that have met criteria approved by IMCA’s certification governing body help certificants meet these renewal requirements.

There are two options for participation as a CE provider:

1. As an IMCA Registered CE Sponsor—Click here to download Criteria and Application for Registered Continuing Education Sponsor, which is designed for organizations that deliver multiple CE programs less than eight CE hours over a 12-month period.

2. As a provider of accepted continuing education programs—Click here to download Criteria and Application for Continuing Education Program Acceptance, which is designed for organizations that deliver a minimal number of CE programs over a 12-month period.

All accepted CE programs and/or sessions must be a minimum of 50 minutes and must meet the accepted topics content requirements. Certificants who attend CE programs not yet accepted by IMCA must report the program using the CE Submittal Form and include documentation that supports content, program length and successful completion.

CE providers must maintain CE program attendee records. To view the format required for program acceptance, click here.

CE Program Reporting Options:

IMCA provides the following two reporting options for providers and certificants:

1. CE Program Upload Process for Providers

The CE program upload process allows providers to report CE hours to IMCA on behalf of attendees who hold the CIMA, CIMC or CPWA certifications. This process is not currently mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. Streamlined reporting on behalf of attendees is an incentive to individuals seeking CE credit from accepted CE providers. The CE upload process entails completing an IMCA-provided spreadsheet with the individual’s IMCA ID number, first name, last name, zip code, Provider ID, Program ID, Program title, Date Attended, CE Hours and Ethics Hours. CE providers email the spreadsheet to IMCA, where the data is uploaded and individual records are updated in real time.

2. Online Reporting for Attendees

Attendees can report programs accepted for CE credit online at www.IMCA.org. CE providers should ensure that individuals completing a pre-accepted CE program receive the IMCA-assigned program ID number on certificates of completion so they can report the program online with ease. Attendees must maintain physical evidence of completing CE programs in the event they are selected for audit.

If you are interested in upload process, or have additional questions, please contact IMCA’s Certification Department at [email protected].