Board of Directors

A 13-member board of directors, including four officers, governs IMCA. The past chair serves one additional term of office, and the executive director serves on the board ex-officio. Click on individual photos below for biographies of IMCA's 2017 board members.


scott G. Thayer

Kevin Sánchez

Stewart Koesten


Scott Thayer

Vice Chair
Kevin Sánchez

David Koulish


David Koulish

John A. Nersesian


Stewart Koesten

Past Chair
John A. Nersesian

Dorothy Bossung



Keith Clemens

Christine Gaze

Brian Ullsperger



Todd Wagenberg

Kelly Walsh

Brett Wright




Scott Welch


Scott G. Thayer, CIMA®
Graystone Consulting

Scott Thayer began serving on IMCA’s Board of Directors in 2008. He has also served on IMCA’s Endowments and Foundations Committee and Practice Management Committee. Mr. Thayer also taught in the Endowments and Foundations Certificate Program and CIMA Level II Program. He has contributed regularly to Investments & Wealth Monitor and the Journal of Investment Consulting.

Mr. Thayer’s career began at E.F. Hutton in 1983. In his current role as Institutional Consulting Director at Graystone Consulting, he runs a large-scale institutional consulting team that specializes in investment policy, portfolio construction, and risk management issues for foundation and endowment clients in the United States and abroad. He was previously senior vice president–Investments and Institutional Consulting director for Citi Institutional Consulting in Santa Rosa, CA. Prior to that, Mr. Thayer taught within the Department of Finance at Chico State University, CA. Mr. Thayer earned a BS in finance from California State University, Los Angeles, and an MBA in finance from California State University, Chico. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Investment Consultants (APIC) and is a frequent lecturer and speaker. In 2015, he was named one of Barron’sTop 30 Institutional Consultants.”

Kevin Sánchez, CIMA®, CPWA®, CFP®, MBA
UBS Institutional Consulting

Kevin Sánchez has served as chair of the IMCA Annual Conference Committee and board liaison to the Membership Committee. He joined the IMCA Board of Directors in 2012.

He is a senior institutional consultant with UBS Institutional Consulting in Walnut Creek, Calif. He works with boards of nonprofit organizations, foundations, and endowments on prudent investment policies, portfolio design and implementation, and fiduciary liability review. His experience includes comprehensive wealth management for affluent families, and he lectures frequently on this topic.

David Koulish, CPWA®, CFP®
Northern Trust

David Koulish serves on IMCA’s Wealth Management Committee, and is the chair of the Investments & Wealth Monitor Editorial Advisory Board.

He is Senior Vice President and Manager‒Wealth Management Investment Risk and Compliance at Northern Trust in Miami, Fla. Mr. Koulish has more than 30 years of experience in portfolio and wealth management focusing on the development and implementation of strategies to help clients achieve their goals of transferring, preserving and growing wealth. Prior to joining Northern Trust in 1993, David was a Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Key Trust Company of Florida in Orlando.

Mr. Koulish earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration and an MBA, both from the University of Central Florida. He is a member of the CFA Institute and the Financial Planning Association.

Stewart Koesten, CIMA®, M.S.F.S., CFP®
KHC Wealth Management

Stewart Koesten currently serves on several IMCA committees, has chaired the IMCA Membership Committee, and has been an IMCA member for 13 years.

He is executive chairman at KHC Wealth Management in Overland Park, Kan. He oversees investment management, including creation of investment policy statements, auditing client accounts, monitoring performance and recommending investments. Mr. Koesten also serves as the chief compliance officer, and has more than 25 years of experience as a wealth management advisor. In addition to his IMCA participation, he has served on the board of directors of the International Association for Financial Planning/Financial Planning Association.

John A. Nersesian, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIS, CFP®

John Nersesian served as IMCA’s chair during 2014 and 2015. He served previously as vice chair, and joined the Board of Directors in 2006. He is a member of and board liaison to the IMCA Advanced Wealth Management Committee.

Mr. Nersesian is managing director of wealth management services at Nuveen, where his group provides wealth management and practice development education and consulting support to advisors. His experience includes work as a financial advisor to corporate executives, affluent families, and nonprofit organizations. Mr. Nersesian previously was a first vice president at Merrill Lynch Private Client Group, where he was a leader in comprehensive wealth management strategies and business development practices training. Mr. Nersesian earned a BS in business and economics from Lehigh University. He frequently contributes to the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and other media outlets.

Dorothy Bossung, CIMA®, CPWA®, CFP®
Lowery Asset Consulting

Dorothy Bossung joined the IMCA board of directors in 2014. She serves on IMCA’s CIMA Certification Commission and Wealth Management Committee.

Ms. Bossung is executive vice president at Lowery Asset Consulting, a Chicago-based registered investment advisory firm. She provides consulting services to Lowery’s institutional and family office clients and is active in manager research, tactical and strategic allocation decisions, and is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. Prior to joining Lowery, she served as a managing director of a boutique financial services firm following 10 years of leadership roles within the investment practices of three multinational accounting firms, and 18 years with multinational brokerage firms.

Keith Clemens, CIMA®, CPWA®
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management

Keith Clemens joined IMCA’s board of directors in 2015. He is also chair of the CPWA® exam committee and a member of the wealth management committee.

Mr. Clemens is a First Vice President at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, where he has worked since 1985. Working directly with clients, his expertise ranges from tax planning to behavioral finance and risk management.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University.

Christine Gaze, CIMA®
Purpose Consulting Group

Christine Gaze is a member of IMCA’s Specialty Conference Committee and earned the CIMA certification in 2005.

Ms. Gaze and her team at Purpose Consulting Group work with asset managers and wealth-management firms to develop thought leadership and training programs that deliver results. She has held a variety of leadership positions at Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, AllianceBernstein, and TD Ameritrade during her career. She earned a bachelor's degree in business administration and psychology from the State University of New York College at Brockport.

Brian Ullsperger, CIMA®, AIF®, AAMS®, CMFC®
Andersen Investment Advisory Services

Brian Ullsperger has been an IMCA member and CIMA professional since 2004. He served as chair of the IMCA Annual Conference Committee and serves on IMCA’s Government Relations Committee.

In his role at Andersen Investment Advisory Services, Mr. Ullsperger manages a registered investment advisory practice that provides investment, tax, and wealth advisory services.

Todd Wagenberg, CIMA®
Integrated Investment Consultants, LLC

Todd Wagenberg joined the IMCA board of directors in 2015. He also serves on IMCA’s certification committee and technical advisory board, and previously served on the admissions committee.

He is currently Managing Director at Integrated Investment Consultants, LLC. He served previously as Managing Director–Investments and Senior Institutional Consultant at Wells Fargo Advisors, where he provided investment counsel to affluent families, nonprofit organizations, and institutions. Prior to joining Wells Fargo Advisors, Todd traded currencies for Chemical Bank and National Australia Bank in New York.

Mr. Wagenberg earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Michigan and an MBA from Wayne State University.

Kelly Walsh, CIMA®, RCC®
Credential Financial

Kelly Walsh serves as chair of IMCA’s Membership Committee, and has been an active IMCA member since 2006.

In her role at Credential Financial, Ms. Walsh currently works with top Canadian advisors to help them enhance their books of business and offer full wealth-management services to their clients. She earned a bachelor's degree and business administration certificate from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.

Brett Wright, CIMA®, CPWA®
Delaware Investments

Brett Wright began his service on IMCA’s Board of Directors in 2013. He served as the program advisor for the Best of IMCA seminar series, and served formerly as chair of the Specialty Conference Committee and as a board member for IMCA’s New York Chapter.

Mr. Wright brings 20 years of industry experience and is currently Senior Vice President, Head of Third Party Distribution for Delaware Investments, a member of the Macquarie Group. He earned abachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University, where he served as the captain of the football team in 1992. 

Scott Welch, CIMA®
Dynasty Financial Partners

Scott Welch has been an IMCA member and CIMA professional since 2004. A frequent conference speaker and active member of the Investments & Wealth Monitor Editorial Advisory Board, he joined IMCA’s board of directors in 2017.

Mr. Welch is the chief investment officer of Dynasty Financial Partners, a provider of outsourced investment research, portfolio management, technology, and practice management solutions to RIAs and advisory teams making the move to independence. He was the founder of UnconstrainedThought, a macro-economic, investment, and wealth management consultancy. He was also a co-founder and former chief investment officer of Fortigent, LLC, a provider of outsourced investment research and technology solutions to RIAs and banks that served high-net-worth investors. Prior to joining Fortigent and its predecessor firm in 1998, he spent more than 12 years on Wall Street, where he focused on capital markets, corporate finance, and derivatives.