Sponsored Web Seminars

IMCA Web Seminars Sponsorship Opportunities

IMCA Web Seminars provide our sponsors with the opportunity to create engagement with advanced advisors and align their brand with timely and relevant content.  Investment advisors and wealth managers from all channels are looking for education and training to help them better serve their high-net-worth clients.  IMCA provides all the resources you need to deliver quality content, turn-key marketing, and approval and delivery of continuing education (CE) to participants.  Position your firm as an industry thought leader on topics such as portfolio construction, behavioral finance, investment consulting, and more.

  • Each Web Seminar is 55 minutes (45 minute presentation; 10 minutes of Q & A).
  • One hour of CE credit available to participants for no cost, IMCA to handle all CE reporting (pending CE approval).
  • Approximately 300 to 400 advisors register for each Web Seminar; approximately 1,300 for a full, 4-part series.
  • IMCA handles all promotions, marketing, and registrations.
  • Web Seminars archived on IMCA.org and promoted for 6 months.
  • Speakers and subject matter experts will be selected by IMCA. Sponsors may recommend speakers but must be approved by IMCA.
  • Web Seminars are scheduled to take place every two weeks over two month period; sponsor can suggest dates/timeframe.

Sponsor receives:

  • Logo recognition as exclusive sponsor in all promotional and marketing material for the Web Seminar Series over a two month timeframe, plus archive.
  • Opportunity to welcome participants to each Web Seminar.
  • Recognition as exclusive sponsor at the beginning and end of each Web Seminar.
  • List of all registrants and attendees (e-mails not provided due to IMCA privacy policy).
  • Unique promo code for free access to Web Seminar to give to clients and prospects.
  • HTML promotion created by IMCA to send to proprietary lists to invite clients and prospect.
  • Extra marketing and promotion to industry segments of Sponsor’s choice (geo targets, channel targets, etc.). 

Contact either Lara Davies (Eastern/Southern US) Ph: 303.850.3081 or Suzie Byrnes (Western/ Midwest US) Ph: 303.850.3093 to participate.

Possible Web Seminar Topics (If you have your own idea for a Web Seminar topic please contact us about it.)

Practical Portfolio Construction with ETFs
This web-series moves past theory and focuses on practicality in portfolio construction.  Attendees will begin by learning the decision-making process for creating a passive core portfolio with ETFs, then incrementally introduce more active, tactical strategies through tilting and factor-based investing.  Finally, the risks of using ETFs will be identified and addressed, to help attendees potentially avoid unintended consequences. 

  • Web Seminar 1:  Building a Core Portfolio
  • Web Seminar 2:  Tactical Approach – Tilting Portfolio Allocations
  • Web Seminar 3:  Factor-based Investing with ETFs (Smart Beta)
  • Web Seminar 4:  Unintended Portfolio Exposure and Other Risks

Basics of Portfolio Hedging
Hedging a portfolio with derivatives has many benefits, but can also be tricky to implement.  This series will help advisors to give their clients confidence in implementing a protective derivative strategy in their portfolios.  Advisors will learn the steps to determine when hedging is appropriate, the products available to hedge a portfolio, and how to manage a hedge over time.

  • Web Seminar 1:  When to Hedge
  • Web Seminar 2:  Using Options to Hedge
  • Web Seminar 3:  Using Futures to Hedge
  • Web Seminar 4:  How to Manage a Hedge

Global Macroeconomic Outlook
The investment world has never been so connected.  This web-series provides an up-to-date outlook on the key drivers of global investment activity: Global economic trends, debt, currencies, interest rates and much more.  The series begins with a comprehensive top-down analysis, then explores the current U.S. economic situation, growth prospects in China, and opportunities in emerging markets.

  • Web Seminar 1:  Global View from the Top
  • Web Seminar 2:  US: Late-cycle Dynamics
  • Web Seminar 3:  China: Balancing Short-term Growth with Long-term Risk
  • Web Seminar 4:  Risks and Opportunities in Emerging Markets

Delivering Wealth Management to Families
The wealth management industry is changing as it undergoes the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history.  Beyond simply acknowledging the change, HNW advisors must adapt their strategies to extend relationships to families.  This web-series provides practical strategies to cover the range of services needed by wealthy families.

  • Web Seminar 1:  Extending Client Relationships to Families
  • Web Seminar 2:  The Process of Discovery
  • Web Seminar 3:  Family Dynamics
  • Web Seminar 4:  Estate Planning and Philanthropy

Beyond Behavioral Finance: Procedural Prudence
Traditional finance covers what rational investors should do, while behavioral finances covers what normal people should do.  Procedural Prudence unites the two concepts for wealth advisors into useful, practical application and adds dynamic planning tools to help their clients pursue their financial goals.

  • Web Seminar 1:  Intro to Shaping Prudent Wealth Advice
  • Web Seminar 2:  Procedural Prudence Map
  • Web Seminar 3:  Risk Capacity, Mitigation, and Mapping
  • Web Seminar 4:  How to Implement Prudent Processes

The Art of Discovery: Conversations about Wealth with Clients
The goal of this web-series is to provide comprehensive client discovery techniques that broaden and deepen HNW advisors’ understanding of their clients’ complete financial situation.  Advisors will learn what to consider and what to avoid when conducting planning interviews with clients.

  • Web Seminar 1:  Discovery and Investment Planning
  • Web Seminar 2:  Discovery and Debt Management
  • Web Seminar 3:  Discovery and Retirement Planning
  • Web Seminar 4:  Discovery and Family Dynamics