Online IMCA CE Reporting Instructions

IMCA offers CIMA®, CIMC®, and CPWA® certificants a convenient and immediate method for submitting IMCA-sponsored CE from IMCA conferences. You may report your CE from IMCA conferences in five simple steps:

1) Log into my IMCA.
2) Click the “Report CE” link.
3) Select the sessions you attended while at the conference.
4) Review the summary of total CE hours, make adjustments if necessary, then click the “Submit CE” button.
5) Visit the “CIMA, CIMC, or CPWA Details” area of your “My IMCA” account to ensure that proper CE credit was awarded.

· Online CE reporting for IMCA conferences will be available on the first day after the conference concludes.
· Should you choose to report CE online, you DO NOT need to fax in your hardcopy CE form to IMCA’s office. However, if you do not choose to report CE online, you MUST fax in your hardcopy CE form (located in your conference binder) to 303.770.1812 in order to ensure proper CE credit is applied to your account.
· IMCA certificants can only submit CE online for CIMA, CIMC, and CPWA certifications. If you do not hold an IMCA certification, you will not be eligible to report CE online.
· If the event included Ethics CE, it is listed as the first session of the conference, even though it chronologically occurred later in the program.
· Carefully select ONLY the conference sessions you attended IN FULL. IMCA will audit online CE submissions for accuracy.
· Once you have submitted your CE online, you cannot make any edits or changes.
· If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about online CE reporting, please contact IMCA’s Certification Department at, 303.770.3377, option 2 or at [email protected].