Candidate Resource Center

This online resource center is designed to help you prepare for the CIMA® qualification and certification exams by providing you with topic overview readings, section quizzes, practice exams, and other helpful resources. Please note that reviewing content found in this platform and mastering the quizzes and practice exams therein should NOT be considered comprehensive or adequate preparation for taking the qualification or certification exams. Candidates are expected to utilize other applicable resources including appropriate university level text books to fully review content in a comprehensive manner.

Access to the Candidate Resource Center is free for 11 months for all CIMA certification candidates. Enrollment information will be sent to candidates by email. If you do not receive enrollment information via email within 5-7 U.S. business days after being accepted into the CIMA certification program and becoming an IMCA member, please contact the Education Department at [email protected].

Benefits and features include:

  • Questions cover learning objectives for both the qualification and certification exams found in the CIMA Candidate Handbook and are written at various cognitive levels.
  • Quizzes and exams are scored in real-time, so candidates see all questions with answers when complete.
  • There is no limit to how many times candidates can take each exam and quiz.
  • Ask the Expert: answers from subject matter experts (you may expect to receive a response within two U.S. business days excluding holidays and weekends).
  • 4 domain level quizzes to help master learning objectives and identify weaknesses.
  • 2 practice exams (1 qualification exam: 60 questions and a 2-hour time limit; 1 certification exam: 110 questions and a 4-hour time limit).
  • 2 calculation-only exams (30 questions each).
  • Instructional videos.

Materials cover these topics:

  • Modern portfolio theory
  • Investment policy statements
  • Manager performance and selection
  • Investment analysis and recommendations
  • Fiduciary responsibility

Additional IMCA Study Resources

IMCA is also proud to now offer a comprehensive text created in collaboration with Wiley designed for CIMA® certification candidates and experienced investment advisors. The Investment Advisor Body of Knowledge + Test Bank: Readings for the CIMA Certification helps certification candidates prepare and study for the CIMA certification process. Click the image below to order.

Certification candidates should review the Candidate Handbook and other important resources before beginning the study process. Click here for details.

Questions?  Contact IMCA's education department at [email protected] or 303.770.3377.

Disclaimer: The qualification and certification exam topics and exam weightings are taken from the CIMA® Candidate Handbook as approved by the CIMA® Certification Commission. IMCA’s education department and the authors and editors of this manuscript have no knowledge of actual exam content. The material and content published in this overview manuscript are for educational review purposes only, and do not guarantee an exhaustive compendium of exam questions covered on the exams. The CIMA® Certification Commission neither endorses nor recommends this material.