New Initiatives Underway: IMCA is Transforming Knowledge into Value

Contributed by Scott Thayer, CIMA®, Chairman of the Board, and Sean Walters, CAE, Executive Director and CEO

The financial services industry is changing rapidly. Helping members embrace these changes is part of IMCA’s 2017 strategic initiatives and we wanted to share how the association is working to transform knowledge into value for you and your clients.  

IMCA’s strategic plan was developed by your Board with you in mind – not only to help facilitate greater success for you and your clients, but also to help propel the industry by increasing public trust and improving outcomes for investors.

The plan positions IMCA for the future and at its center are objectives–based on GEARS:  Grow, Educate, Add Value, Relevance, and Standards–designed to accelerate our role as the premier provider of advanced education for investment and wealth practitioners. 

Here’s what this means to you:

Standards. More than 30 years ago IMCA was created to develop and encourage the practice of high standards of professional conduct, and to promote and protect the interests of the profession and the public it serves. Our commitment to high standards has only grown. IMCA’s certifications represent international best practices for personnel certification.  If you serve high- net-worth clients and you haven’t looked into CPWA certification yet, your clients may be missing out. If you haven’t pursued CIMA certification yet, and are afraid of the time commitment, check out the new Kaplan Education Exam Prep course for CIMA candidates.

IMCA has developed a reputation for delivering ivy-league, quality education with real-world solutions for practitioners. Our board of 13 directors, our 140+ volunteers, and 38 professional staff are committed to our mission to deliver premier investment and wealth management credentials, and world class education. You can help us out. Any time you read an interesting IMCA article or blog post, attend a conference or participate in an online education program you like, share it with your friends and add the hashtags #ValueKnowledge and #IMCA17.

The rest of 2017 will be a whirlwind of change for IMCA. Keep an eye out for important announcements in the coming months as the GEARS plan continues to accelerate. 

Thank you for your continued commitment to IMCA and the investment and wealth management profession.