CIMA Application & Fees

The CIMA certification program consists of a five-step process built around the “4 Es” of experience, education, examination and ethics. The five-step certification process and the online application can be accessed here.

The cost for the certification program ranges between $5,000 and $8,000, depending on a candidate’s preferences. Prices are subject to change.
The payment process for the CIMA certification application and exams is streamlined, with fees for the CIMA program application, qualification exam, and certification exam combined into one enrollment fee, as outlined below.
  • US$600 for IMCA members (includes application fee, qualification exam fee and certification exam fee).
  • US$995 for non-members who join IMCA (includes IMCA membership, application fee, qualification exam fee and certification exam fee).
  • US$1,095 for non-members (includes application fee, qualification exam fee, and certification exam fee).
Note that these fees include one attempt to pass the qualification examination and one attempt to pass the certification examination. Fees for each qualification exam retake attempt are US$125 for current IMCA members, US$175 for nonmembers; fees for each certification exam retake attempt are US$225 IMCA members and US$325 nonmembers. Click here to access the CIMA program application.
Additional fees as part of the certification process include:

Qualification Examination study resources are available for additional fee

Registered Education Providers Education Program Fees 
  • The University of Chicago Booth School of Business—US$5,800 (includes some room and board)
  • MIT Sloan School of Management Office of Executive Education—US$3,995 (see website for more information)
  • The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania—US$6,500 (includes room and board)
Initial Licensing Fee 
-US$175 for current IMCA members
-US$895 for nonmembers
Note—Upon completion of the certification program/process, new certificants are responsible for an initial certification fee covering their first certification period. This fee is US$175 for current IMCA members, US$895 for nonmembers, or US$570 for nonmembers who choose to include an IMCA membership (US$395 IMCA membership, US$175 certification renewal fee). See the CIMA Renewal page for ongoing requirements to maintain certification.