New Initiatives Underway: IMCA is Transforming Knowledge into Value

Contributed by Scott Thayer, CIMA®, Chairman of the Board, and Sean Walters, CAE, Executive Director and CEO

The financial services industry is changing rapidly. Helping members embrace these changes is part of IMCA’s 2017 strategic initiatives and we wanted to share how the association is working to transform knowledge into value for you and your clients.  

Reckoning with China as an Economic Powerhouse

Contributed by Meghan Warren, special contributor

IMCA's Arnnual Conference Experience in May covered a wide range of topics with immediate and clear impact on investment and wealth professionals, from investment theories to behavioral economics. But the conference also tackled subject matter of a broader scale—including how economic and political developments abroad can affect money management at home. Dr. Paul Tiffany of the University of California – Berkeley took a close look at the dynamics of the American-China relationship in particular, in the context of whether you should consider investing in Chinese firms, as well as the ethical implications of those investments.

How Do You Become the Best in the Business?

Contributed by Meghan Warren, special contributor

One of the key principles underlying all of IMCA’s online and live educational opportunities, including its Annual Conference Experience, is providing pragmatic education that helps investment and wealth professionals drive their business forward. As part of this mission, this year’s conference offered an Advanced Business Strategist Program (ABS), a “conference within a conference” designed for leaders of small, medium or large advisory teams or independent advisory businesses.


Behavioral Economics for the Investments & Wealth Professional

Contributed by Meghan Warren, special contributor

At IMCA’s 2017 Annual Conference Experience, we heard from some of the premier voices in finance, psychology, marketing and business on how new disciplines and emerging trends can affect the investments and wealth management sector. One of those voices was Richard Thaler, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, on the history of behavioral economics and its impact on financial services professionals.

Breaking Down the Department of Labor’s New Fiduciary Standard, Part 1

By Meghan Warren, Special Contributor

Recently, Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal announcing that the Department of Labor’s (DOL) long-debated fiduciary rule would not be delayed any further, and is set to go into effect on June 9.

Help Clients Make Choices

By Linda Corman
Special Contributor

Today, everyone faces a dizzying array of choices across all aspects of their lives—from what kind of coffee to drink to which dating website to search, to how to invest for the future.

Five Conference-Planning Trends at the 2017 IMCA Annual Conference Experience

By Sean Walters
CAE, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director, IMCA  

Like all contemporary professions, the conference planning industry is evolving.  IMCA hosts more than 4,000 attendees at our 10 conferences and seminar programs each year, so I thought I’d share a brief post on what we’re doing to evolve.

Seven Principles for Generating Retirement Cash Flow

By Linda Corman, special contributor

There’s no magic formula for overcoming the challenges posed by the prolonged low-interest-rate environment, longer life expectancies, and more vibrant (read expensive) lifestyles, instead “seven key principles can help optimize retirees resources,” said Matt Sommer, the head of Janus Capital Group’s defined contribution and wealth advisor services team, at IMCA’s 2017 Investment Advisor Forum.


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